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Feminist Library, London

Photographer and archivist

<<Panama was our go-to photographer at the Feminist Library for a couple of years, helping get our digitisation project off the ground, among other important projects, and making a meaningful contribution to the Library's work.>>

Magda Oldziejewska, Fundraising Coordinator, Feminist Library 

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Minichaplin Film School

Photographer and Tutor

<<Panama´s work ethic as the assistant director and instructor in the organization and development of Minichaplin’s different activities such as summer camps, workshops, and other creative activities could be described with one word: exemplary.

Her energy, easy going attitude, and empathy with kids, make her a perfect team member in the company.>>

Kike Díaz, Founder, Minichaplin


Collaborator and Event assistant

<<For the very exciting Gesamt event at Tate Exchange, Panama was incredibly well prepared and was central to the success of the whole project. She went the extra mile in research and learning new skills. This was a high profile public-facing interactive experience and Panama handled the situation, and interaction with the public, with great professionalism and poise.>>

Artist and Event Coordinator , Richard Layzell.

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